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In accidents which involve large trucks, chances of serious injury are much more pronounced than in others. The former even have a higher probability of causing death, considering at least one vehicle (a tractor trailer or semi) weighs upwards of 10,000 pounds. Many state and federal regulations exist which govern trucking companies, and require them to maintain meticulous documentation of safety equipment as well as driver hours.

Accidents involving trucks may be caused by a variety of factors, such as the following.

  • Poor weather
  • Passing unsafely
  • Driver tiredness
  • Poorly loaded trucks
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Improper vehicle maintenance
  • Alcohol or drug use

Truck drivers are required by law to uphold certain procedures which are designed with the objective of boosting their safety, and bringing down the chance of accidents. Directly after an accident occurs, the records of both trucker and driver are generally examined in order to determine who is liable for the accident. In the case of the former, records are legally required to go back through six months prior to the date of the accident, which means that if you have been in a truck crash, it is vital to get in touch with your attorney right away.

Records which may reveal liability include the following.

  • Satellite tracking data
  • Driver communications
  • Driver’s logs
  • Emergency service reports
  • Vehicle inspection reports
  • Black boxes

Once again, it is important that you pick an attorney who is known for winning cases at trial. We at the law offices of Joseph Y. Avrahamy, are known for having attained positive verdicts for clients throughout California, and handling everything from analysis of truckers’ off-duty records, to finding and proving liability in the court of law. Our member lawyers represent crash victims in filing for personal injury claims, and are accomplished at achieving excellent settlements. Confidential resolution is another one of our specialties, and we excel even in cases where liability is difficult to pin on the trucker, as well as those where the victim has evidence of comparative negligence pointed against him or her.

No matter what form or level your injury takes, we are here to fight for you legally. Our fees are contingent on us winning the case, which means we get paid if you achieve a settlement or litigatory compensation, and not otherwise.