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How to Proceed after a Trucking Accident

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18-wheeler wrecks are capable of causing some of the most devastating accidents on today’s roads. Compared to smaller sized vehicles, these can cause considerably more damage, whether due to their size or weight, or the force they push out on impact. For this reason, most truck accident victims come out physically hurt to some extent. If you are suffering the repercussions of a collision of this kind, myriad relevant questions can arise, such as how long will the injuries keep you from going back to work, or who will shoulder your medical bills, etc.

The first thing to understand is that time is usually in short supply. If you wish to file a lawsuit, it must be done within the stipulations of the law of limitations in that state. There is also the matter of being just as prepared when it comes to building a case; most trucking companies being gathering evidence and priming their defense almost immediately after a crash has happened.

Analyzing Liability

This is the first step in any personal injury case. The plaintiff, no matter which state he or she files a lawsuit in, is legally required to prove the defendant guilty of negligence at the very least. This mainly requires analyzing police reports done by responding officers, which is where a California injury lawyer can be of significant help. They can search for DOT numbers, find fault on a different party, etc.

Acquiring and Preserving Critical Evidence

Proper evidence is required to win any personal injury case, meaning that the plaintiff carries the burden of proof, and the attorney helps them to ensure that acquired proof is safeguarded. Regarding a trucking crash case, rightfully obtainable evidence could include GPS data, driver logs, post-crash drug and alcohol test results, black box data, shipping records, maintenance records, video footage, and driver personnel files. The sheer volume may overwhelm a plaintiff, but with an experienced lawyer helping out, it is possible to guard against evidence being tampered with or spoiled.

Consulting With Crash Experts

After an accident, you may need to consult with an accident reconstruction expert to recreate the event. This can dispel any confusion brought on by conflicting testimonies from people including bystanders, and perhaps also the would-be defendant. Some of the more competent lawyers assist in this area as well, often considerably easing the process for the victim.

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