Types of Witnesses in a Personal Injury Case

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Personal Injury Case

When you are involved in a truck crash or any other personal injury cases, you are likely to face some financial issues such as treatment expenses, loss of wages, etc. Hence, it is recommended to consult a credible truck accident attorney and file a lawsuit to claim your damages. Usually, obtaining compensation from the opposite party after a personal injury, which is not that severe, is quite straightforward. Things tend to get easier if there is appropriate evidence to prove causation, liability, damages and all the parties agree on the pertinent facts. In this case, the opposite party is likely to provide you fair compensation without much contention.

On the other hand, if the injuries are severe and there are disputes regarding the causation, settlement amount, and fault, obtaining maximum compensation will be challenging. In such cases, it is highly significant to rely on the services of a seasoned truck accident lawyer. Usually, your truck accident attorney might suggest bringing in various witnesses to give testimony and deposition to strength this type of cases or any other personal injury cases. Below is a list of potential witnesses who might help you with your personal injury cases.

Percipient Witnesses

A percipient witness or eye witness is a person who gives testimony or statement on your case based on what they perceived through their senses such as eyes, ears, smell, touch, etc. Some of the common percipient witnesses are who might play a role in your personal injury cases include;

  • Pedestrians, shopkeepers, drivers, etc., who witnessed your road accident
  • Staffs or customers on a commercial property who witnessed your slip and fall accident
  • Bystanders or pedestrians who witnessed a dog bite incident
  • A person who witnessed you getting injured while using a defective product

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are those who are specialized in a particular area that plays a role in your case. For instance, consider a medical officer who can evaluate and verify the injuries of the victim. They can state what kind of treatment the plaintiff will require in the future, its cost, time required for the treatment, etc., in court. Usually, expert witnesses are produced in court if there is a dispute regarding certain conditions of the victim.

Note that the opposite party may argue that you failed to take medical precaution on time or took some steps to aggravate your injuries, etc. Needless to mention, this can affect your final compensation. In such cases, the defense can present experts in a similar field to counter your lawyer’s points. Apart from medical experts, technical experts such as economists, engineers, vocational rehabilitation professionals, etc., are can also play a major role in strengthening your case.

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