Boosting Cell Signals From Your RV Home

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The freedom of hitting the open road, all the while lying on a bed and reading a book, sounds like a tale that’s too good to be true. That is exactly what moving around in an RV home gets you. If you are someone who is tired of settling in a locality and spending the rest of your life there, then a change in scenery is what you need. And there is no other way to better fulfill this than to set up an RV home.

But being on the road would mean you are missing out on the fine luxuries of life right? Say the Heated water and air-conditioning? Thanks to modern innovations, this is all possible. But one grey area that is yet to shed some light is the mobile reception. While you are moving about, you might end up in places that have very few cell towers nearby you, and your phones choke to get a signal.

The result is you having terrible cell signals and your network speeds dropping through the roof. Your download time becomes a variable for infinity and your videos fail to properly buffer.

The perfect way to get around this hassling problem is to get a cell phone signal repeater, and there is no better cell signal repeater than a KPN repeater for the KPN users. It works by boosting the weakened cell signal which is transmitted by the nearest cell tower. The cell signal booster works with all network providers and the best thing is that it is only a one-time investment. There is no need for any recurring cost from your end and this will last you for a good 6 years if not more.

The set-up will comprise of external antenna that is hoisted on the roof of the RV or the rear ladder. The external antenna is what picks up the signals. The signals are then carried over to the amplifier box, which amplifies or boosts the strength of the signal. The boosted signal is then broadcasted by the internal antenna, which will be installed within the cabin. The result is a more stable and stronger reception.

Most of your cell reception issues will be handled and you can squarely forget about it. Your call quality spikes up and every person on the other end of the line will be clearly audible to you. Your network speeds also significantly increase. Get yourself a KPN booster and watch your reception woes vanish into thin air!

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