Choosing the Right Tile for Bathroom Remodeling

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One of the important things to consider during bathroom remodeling is the type of tile that will suit your bathroom space. This is because most of the surfaces are covered with tiles. The most important factors are— size and shape, the texture of the tile, color, and movement. Below is a detailed discussion on the tiles used for the bathroom remodeling.


Floor tile should primarily ensure safety and slip-free nature. One of the things you can do to ensure this is by looking at the slip coefficient of every kind of tile. This value determines whether a tile is safe under wet conditions.

The most basic materials used for bathroom remodeling are ceramics, porcelain, cement, clay and glass tiles. Out of these, ceramic tile undergoes glazing which covers its surface with color. For porcelain, you will find color over the surface and throughout its body. Glass is used as an accent and could be fragile upon use. Cement tile is also growing in terms of popularity.

The Choice Of Tiles

People generally do not prefer natural stones for their flooring. If they have any interest in natural stone, they usually choose porcelain which resembles natural stone in a few ways.

Both ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are glazed on their surface. These do not have to be sealed, while natural stone has to be sealed.


Flooring is also determined based on their breakage. The ceramic tiles have a lower breaking coefficient than porcelain. Therefore, porcelain tiles are difficult to break. Using the tiles for your bathroom, the breakage coefficient is very important. Further, porcelain is preferred for its rectified edges. The edges are sharp, making it possible to group them together. This way you can lower the grout joints considerably. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, have rounded edges and make more grout joints.


Porcelain tiles are made in two types— one glazed on their surface and one with the color body. The color body means that the color is present throughout the structure of the tile. You can see this if you chip porcelain tiles. As opposed to this, you can find the color only on the surface of glazed porcelain and ceramics.

Consider the above factors carefully and look at the properties of each material before finalizing on the tiles for your bathroom.

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