Things To Do And What Not To Do In Video Conferencing

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When working from a remote location, you will likely need to do a conference with colleagues. If a video conferencing system is available to you, then you would be able to have a better conversation than with an audio call. Still, to make the best use of the system, you have to do and avoid doing some things, including the following.


Check The Internet Connection And Equipment In Advance

Internet connectivity problems or faulty hardware stops a conference call. So before taking part in a new video call, confirm that every necessary equipment unit is working, and that the internet is sufficiently quick for reasonable quality for it. Check the minimum recommended downstream and upstream speeds for your video conferencing app and ensure that the internet connection supports these speeds.

Almost every conferencing program helps to test microphone, speakers and web camera to be sure that these devices are working.

Customize Your Background

Do you lack the time to tidy up your room for the conference? Worry not, let things in your room be in their place. Instead of putting your belongings into the proper places, just use the settings in your conferencing app for blurring the background or including a fun background in the video. Just make sure to change it to suit your conference.

Understand When To Talk Through Video

You need not discuss all work matters with others in a video conference call. Be sure to have the right subject of conversation for it. Longer talks and remote teaching sessions are appropriate for this form of call. It is tough to coordinate it and takes time to complete. Remember that not all can sit in on a long conference call when determining whether to hold it or not.


Talking Over One Another

You are likely to have something or the other to ask regarding the matter talked about in your conference. It is not easy to have all participants’ attention towards your query.  You could attempt to interrupt or talk over somebody to get your point across, but it is rude to do so. It is disruptive to keep stopping the conference’s flow just to respond instantly to questions that arise.

Rather, just submit every question you need answers for in the program’s chat section, in the event it is available. After a topic is fully discussed, the host can respond to each question at his or her leisure.

Keeping The Microphone On When Not Talking

Mute your mic when you are not supposed to talk in the conference call. Or else, it will capture and stream many movements around you. You must keep it muted, particularly when eating in the call or fidgeting or if there is much background noise in your venue.

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