What Are The Different Types Of Rum?

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Rum is different from most of the spirits as its production is not tied down to a particular region or country. It is produced in almost 80 countries in the world primarily because its source material is sugarcane that is cultivated in different countries of the world.

In this article, we discuss the different types of rum that are available across various physical and online liquor store.  It is the difference in fermentation, distillation and blending styles that give rise to different varieties of rum.

White Rum

White rum looks clear and has milder flavor when compared to other rum varieties. They are aged for about a year and then filtered to remove the color from it. Most white rums sold in the US are 80 proof, meaning that the rum has 40% alcohol by volume. White rum is less expensive than dark rums.

Gold Rum

When rum is kept in wooden barrels for some years, it gains an amber or golden color. These have a better flavor profile than white rum and are usually added in cocktails that require stronger flavor.

The rums are aged for several years and some colors also might be added to it. Depending on the type of barrel in which the rum is aged, gold rum may have subtle flavors of vanilla, citrus, almond or caramel.

Black Rum

Black rum is the darkest type of rum that is popular as an ingredient used to balance the flavors of drinks against white, gold or spiced rums. Rum is mostly made from molasses, the dark sweet liquid left over after crystallized sugar is made. Black rum retains much of the molasses, which explains why it looks so dark.


 Cachaca is Brazilian sugarcane spirit that is one of the most popular spirits in the category across the world. It is made from fresh sugarcane juice and bottled mostly without aging it inside barrels. The spirit is commonly used in cocktails.

There are some premium products like artisanal cacahacas that are made in small quantities and aged inside barrels made out of woods that are indigenous to Brazil. Minais Gerais in Brazil is famous for the production of artisanal cachaca.

Overproof Rum

Rums available in the US mostly have 40 to 50% alcohol by volume (80-100 proof). Types of rum that have high alcohol percentages are referred to as overproof rum. In the US, rums over 155 proof are not permitted as per the rule and manufacturers generally make rum that is less than 150 proof.

Apart from the types of rum discussed in this article, there are also other types of rum like navy rum, vintage rum etc.

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