What Not To Do When Using Coronavirus Protective Masks

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When people use something new, it takes time for them to get used to that product. The same goes for face masks designed to stop coronavirus (CoV) from transmitting.

Many people around the world have already become aware of coronavirus, the novel virus responsible for the respiratory disease known as COVID-19. Much awareness on how to prevent the transmission of CoV has been disseminated, perhaps just as quickly as the virus itself is spreading. However, there are some challenges for communities globally that try to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

One of these challenges is that face masks are in short supply in many places. Secondly, many people are not using the coronavirus preventive masks properly. There are face masks available on online stores, including hdfacemask.com, but buying these will not alone suffice. In addition to buying affordable face masks from web stores, you also have to use these items in the right way. Here is a list of things not to do regarding the use of the mask.

  • Wearing the preventive mask in a way that leaves the nose not covered. There is no point in wearing it thus because it will not protect you from the virus. Speaking of exposing the nose, here is another related point.
  • Touching and moving the mask to below the chin and placing it back up. Touching it cross-contaminates both the finger and other surfaces touched with that finger later. The wearer does this to talk more comfortably or have food. Do you know that by doing so, you are putting yourself more at risk of being infected with the virus?
  • Using the same face mask many times. The reuse of coronavirus face masks is a practice more prevalent in Asian places such as Hong Kong.
  • Wearing it for an excessive amount of time. The mask’s outer layer is considered to be the best barrier against coronavirus. The layer not just filters, but it accumulates pathogens too, while keeping these active. When you wear the mask longer when surrounded by others, the concentrated load will be more. You must not wear it for over 24 hours.
  • Disposing of used face masks too slowly and inappropriately. Possibly infectious particulates accumulate in the mask, and when it is left in a careless position or place, it could cross-contaminate an earlier clean area.

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