3 Questions Asked By Truck Accident Victims

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The number of injuries and deaths because of truck accidents are increasing considerably. According to the statistics, in the year 2016, around 150,000 people were injured in the truck crashes in the U.S. If you or your loved one has suffered injuries in a truck accident, there might be so many questions which pop up in your mind regarding the compensation which you can receive for the injuries you suffered from the truck accident. Here are the answers to some of the common questions asked by the truck accident victims.

How To Know If I Am Eligible To Make A Claim?

This is a doubt that many of the truck accident survivors have in their mind. In order to get compensation for the damages you suffered from the truck accident, it is necessary for you to make a personal injury claim. There are three main things to consider in knowing if you have a valid personal injury claim. You and your attorney should be able to prove the negligence of the truck driver and that his negligent behavior caused your injuries and damages. Also, you need to prove that your damages resulted in medical expense and suffering.

What Exactly Is Meant By Negligence?

Negligence refers to the failure in taking the necessary care in an occasion. In this case, it is the truck driver who is proved to be negligent so as to prove our case. There can be many ways in which he may act negligent and become the reason for the truck accident. Some examples are drunken driving, driving under the influence of drugs, running a red light or stop sign, texting while driving, etc. In some cases,the negligent action of the driver will be very evident whereas in some cases the truck accident attorney will have to make a thorough study of the case to find out the negligence of the truck driver.

Can The Trucking Company Be Held Responsible For The Crash?

In some cases, the trucking company may also be liable for the injuries that the victim suffered from the truck accident. It may not always be the negligence of the truck driver alone which caused the accident. Your attorney’s inquiry is required to find out the truth in your case. Sometimes the trucking company may not be functioning fully in accordance with the federal regulations. In that case, the trucking company also will be undoubtedly held responsible for the crash.

It is better to seek the help of an experienced truck accident attorney so that you will be guided in your legal pursuit in your truck accident case.

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