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Avoiding Construction Truck Accidents in the Bay Area

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Truck Accident
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Construction sites rely on trucks to move heavy materials and pour concrete. The presence of these trucks puts other automobile drivers at a bigger risk of accidents, and crashes involving such trucks can be likelier to result in deaths, as per the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

If a commercial truck appears to be moving erratically or if it has extended operating components, which would usually be stored in it during transit, then drivers have to take exceptional care. Trying to pass such an automobile can be extremely dangerous, and there are many incidents that prove it is so. One of those incidents took place in San Marcos some years back.

How Large Trucks Might Just Pose a Threat to Other Drivers on Roadways

As per the ABC News channel, the San Marcos accident allegedly happened when a driver tried to pass a dumper truck on Route 78. The truck left the spot with the bed still raised, as per the CHP (California Highway Patrol), and an automobile trying to pass the truck allegedly crashed with another vehicle after its open part struck a bridge. The truck bed was ripped from the vehicle, and this left the Nordahl Road Bridge in a damaged condition.

The FMCSA had issued a report in 2005 noting there were more than 247 million vehicles on roadways in the US back then, and over 8 million out of these were large-sized trucks. While a large vehicle’s presence on the road is no immediate threat to other auto drivers, accidents that involve large trucks still have a rate of fatality per 100 million VMT, that is, 60% more than those that involve light trucks and smaller cars. For an uninitiated, VMT stands for vehicle-miles traveled.

Choose the Best Lawyer to Help with Accident Case

Trucks that leave construction sites should not have any loose attachment, and this has to be ensured in order to make these vehicles in an operable state for transit. A truck accident could just easily arise from a driver failing to lower truck bed, or leaving its parts extended, and it could just lead to severe injuries and even the demise of other vehicle drivers on the road.

It does not matter which vehicles are involved, but anybody who is injured in an accident should seek immediate medical attention. At some point down the road, the injured person will want to sue the party who was at fault for the accident to get compensation for their damages. When a trucking company in California or its insurer is involved in the case, getting compensation tends to be a challenging task for the injured victim. However, a truck crash lawyer can easily help them go through these hurdles.

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