Common Causes of Truck Accidents and Their Legal Implications

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As more people purchase goods online, the number of trucks that drive to transport consumer goods has increased on the roads. Obviously, their ever-increasing number means there are more and more tired and overworked drivers. This explains the increasing rate of accidents that involve big commercial trucks, trailers, and 18-wheelers.


One of the common factors that contribute to a truck accident is driver fatigue. A tired person behind the wheel can potentially be just as dangerous as one who is driving under the influence.

Commercial truck drivers get tired or fatigued from driving for too many hours or too long without appropriate breaks. They might drive too long owing to pressure to meet timing or distance-related goals their employers have set for them to achieve. That means their employers and other people may potentially be responsible for the damages that are caused in a commercial truck accident. Besides, more insurance coverage is available extremely often in connection with it as opposed to a car accident.


Overloading is another general cause for a truck accident. If the vehicle is way too heavy, then it can lead to uncommonly long stopping distances, which can lead to a rear-end crash. Trucks have weight restrictions for many reasons, with safety being the main one. This dangerous practice makes a truck on the road naturally less safe, which causes hundreds of accidents every year.

Inappropriate Loading

If it is either packed or secured inappropriately, then it can cause uneven distribution of weight, making it unstable and prone to an accident. For instance, if a truck’s rear is too heavy, the necessitated distance to stop it is significantly increased, and as a result, an otherwise avoidable collision might occur.

Again, this makes its driver, its owner, shipping business, freight owner, and other parties all potentially responsible. For instance, whichever of these firms is the one tasked with loading the cargo, and weighing it, would be directly liable.

Unfortunately, truck accidents often cause severe injuries or demise owing to the extremely high weight of the rig that collides with relatively smaller vehicles. When a large rig either tips over or jackknifes, it becomes thirty or forty tons of metal, which destroys everything in the path of it. The damage resulting from accidents that involve semi-trucks and trucks can be massive, can fully destroy any involved vehicles and cause severe injuries and even demise.

Potentially life-altering traumas, alongside huge medical bills, permanent bodily injuries, expensive medical care, as well as loss of potential earnings, are extremely common with commercial truck accidents. They all can make the injured person entitled to compensation as well as reimbursements for future earnings or wage loss, medical bills, pain and suffering, and future medical treatment.

What to Do Following a Truck Accident

Soon after you and people involved have got proper treatment, it is essential for you to consult with an experienced truck accident attorney so that you can protect the rights and become completely informed of the alternatives you have. A truck accident lawyer will help to file a claim. He or she will also help arrange a settlement together with the insurance firm or company owning the truck.

Should the other party wish not to settle, the professional would represent you in the court to help you receive the maximum compensation that you are eligible to. The vast majority of cases are amicably settled out of court in a quicker, more informal way, through mediation and/or negotiation. In these situations, it is essential that you have a lawyer to negotiate upon your behalf and help get the maximum compensation and reimbursement for your medical bills, damages, pain and suffering, and lost earnings. It is also recommended to have excellent doctors helping you upon a lien basis in the case you do not have your own doctors picked out.

When to Get in Touch with an Attorney

If you are involved in an accident of such kind, you have to file a claim inside a stipulated time period, known as a “Statute of Limitations”. You have to get advice from a truck accident attorney sooner rather than later so that you are entirely informed of your rights, and do not have to miss the time limit to file a claim, or else, you lose your right to do it (except as otherwise provided by statute).

Contact a truck accident law firm as quickly as possible in order to pursue your claim, because the longer you wait to do so, the greater the likelihood the amount owed to you by the other party will drop. It is of utmost significance that you hire professionals who specialize in both settling and litigating such accident cases to get as much as you deserve.

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