Common Defective Parts on Commercial Trucks That Lead to Fatal Accidents

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The negligence of the truck driver is not the only cause of a truck crash. In fact, one of the common reasons for commercial truck accidents is faulty gears or malfunctioning parts. Note that if you got injured in a truck accident because of its defective parts, you can sue the truck driver, the owner of the trucking company, as well as the truck manufacturer.

Needless to mention, you will have to rely on the services of a credible truck accident attorney to represent such cases. Note that it will be extremely challenging to obtain maximum compensation for a truck accident case when multiple parties are involved. This explains the significance of hiring an experienced truck wreck lawyer. Some of the parts on a commercial truck that causes such accidents are listed below.

Brakes and Brake System

Brakes are one of the most significant elements of a commercial truck, indeed any motor vehicle. Trucks are likely to employ air brake systems, which tend to transmit compressed air to the brakes of a truck making it halt quickly. This is extremely important to avoid truck crashes and hence, defective brakes are highly dangerous.

While some brakes become defective because of the fault in its manufacturing process, some brake issues arise because of its poor maintenance. So, it is recommended to carry out regular brake inspections to determine whether or not there are issues with the brake systems, particularly when it comes to the brake hoses and brake lines. Additionally, examine drum heats for overheating and cracks.

Usually, trucks tend to display some warnings signs when there is an issue with its brake system such as fluid on the ground, screeching sound, dash lights, vibrations, etc. If the drivers or responsible people overlooked such red flags, they will be held responsible for the resulting truck accidents.

Rear Underride Guards

Rear underride guards serve as barriers in case of rear-end collisions. This gear will prevent passenger vehicles from sliding under the trucks in such cases. Without any doubts, if a passenger car crashes under the truck, it can cause catastrophic injuries to both the passengers in the car and truck. So, it is highly significant for these truck guards to meet the minimum standards.

Fuel Tanks

Even though it is highly dangerous to feature side-saddles fuel tanks on trucks, some commercial trucks are designed this way. Note that the chances for the fuel tanks to get hit during a collision are high in this case. Undoubtedly, this will lead to a huge explosion killing a number of people. If a person got injured in a truck accident because of fire burn, the first thing your truck accident attorney may look for will be the type of fuel tank or the source of the fire.

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