Truck Accidents

Common Types Of Truck Accidents In California

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Truck Accidents
Truck Accidents

The trucking industry is crucial in fuelling our economy and the growing consumer demand has increased the demand for trucks leading to an increased volume of trucks on the roads. Being huge vehicles, the accidents that involve trucks can be disastrous.

As the truck drivers work in tight work schedules, they have to handle a great deal of stress that often leaves them exhausted. This can increase the possibility of truck accidents.

Common Truck Accidents In California

Every truck accident has a unique set of circumstances that lead to the disaster but some types of catastrophic accidents are quite common:

Rollover Accidents

Tractor-trailers have high centers of gravity and during certain circumstances, they might roll over on the road. Rollovers are classified into two:

  • Tripped crashes – In tripped crashes, the vehicle flips on hitting obstacles like a curb or other vehicles.
  • Un-tripped crashes -They are caused by factors like over speed, slippery roads, careless driving, loss of traction, etc.

 Jackknife Accidents       

Two parts connected via an articulated joint makes up a semi-truck. The cab that contains the engine is connected to the trailer that follows behind, with the joint permitting the parts maneuver independently or together. Although the freedom of movement offered by the cab to the trailer joint is important for the safe movement of the truck in the road, it might lead to fatal jackknife accidents when the trailer forms a 90-degree angle with the cab.

Underride accidents        

In under riding truck accidents, other vehicles that have relatively smaller sizes than the truck plunged into the portion underneath the rig. The vehicles might plunge in either from the sides or rear side of the truck. Allowing enough space for 18 wheelers on the road and avoiding the blind spots on the sides of the rigs can reduce the occurrence of underride accidents that account for almost half of the semi/car accident fatalities.

Rear-End Collisions      

Because semi-trucks are many times heavier than common locomotion vehicles, they have larger stopping distances. According to the report of FMCSA, a fully loaded semi-truck would take about double the length of a football field to reach a safe stop after braking. Stopping distances might be increased due to various factors like driver error, unfavorable weather, poor loading, overweight goods, etc.

In rear-end, collisions trucks barrel into motor vehicles lying in front of them due to its increased stopping distance.

In case you suffered losses in a truck accident, you have to get the help of the best truck accident attorney in the state to get the justice you deserve through the courts.

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