Common Types of Truck Accidents in LA

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Truck Accident
Types Of Truck Accident

Truck accidents will have a catastrophic result considering their huge size and the amount of cargo it carries. It can cause more damage to the occupants of other vehicles than the truck driver. If a truck hits a car, motorcycle, bicycle or any other vehicles or pedestrians it might result in serious injuries or death. Truck accidents are common in LA and they are increasing in an alarming rate. Some of the most common types of truck accidents that happen frequently in LA are given below.

Rollover Accidents

This is among the most common truck accident occurring in LA. The accident is usually caused by over speeding. Such accidents will most probably occur on steep inclines or declines. Other common reasons for a rollover truck accident are swerving around debris, objects or other vehicles, taking a curve too fast or hitting a curb. If the way trucks loaded are not proper, this can also result in a rollover accident.

Jackknife Accidents

Such accidents happen when the drive axle brakes on a truck lock. It will cause the truck to skid and stop at 90-degree angle. In most of the cases, the truck drivers will not be able to control the truck as it rolls over.

Brake Failure Accidents

The laws of California for the truck safety made it mandatory to inspect the brakes regularly. However, if the brakes are not installed or maintained properly, they are at a high risk of breaking. Aging brakes can also cause break failures. For heavier trucks, break failure can also occur due to sudden breaking as they will get overheated in such cases.

Runaway Truck Accidents

An expert truck driver will know how to apply breaks properly, so that it will reduce the speed of the truck gradually until it comes to a stop. But inexperienced and reckless truck drivers use improper braking techniques. This will result in brake failure which will result in a runaway truck accident.

Blind Spots

A truck will have large blind spots along the sides and especially along the rear of the truck, considering its huge size and the big rig. These areas are often known as “No Zone” areas. A truck driver may not be able to spot a motorist if he rides on this area, and this will easily result in an accident.

Truck accidents are common in LA and there are different reasons that cause it from the carelessness of the driver to mechanical issues. Whatever the reasons are, the result of such accidents will be horrible. If you or your family member gets involved in a truck accident, it is important for you to know that you can make a claim to recover money for the losses incurred to you. A truck accident attorney will help you to analyze the situation and to take the necessary actions to make the claim.

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