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Documents Required For Your Personal Injury Claim

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Truck Accident Attorney
Truck Accident Attorney

The right documentations are very essential for your personal injury claim after a truck accident. Without important documents, you won’t receive fair compensation for your injuries. Therefore, it is very important to work with a truck accident attorney and determine which documents you need for building your case. Truck crash lawyers at Davidovich law are well experienced and they will help you to collect and submit all documents that are required for your injury claim.

Let’s take a look at the important documents that you need for your injury claim.

Police Reports

Get a copy of the police report because it is evidence that your accident did happen. The report of law enforcement contains vital information such as contact information of the truck driver, pictures of the accident scene, witness statements, and official conclusion of the accident. This report will help you to build your case.

Pictures Of The Accident Scene

It is very important to take photos of the accident scene, your injuries and the property damage immediately after the accident. Each of the photographs is very valuable for your case.

Witness Statements

After you encounter a truck crash, check for injuries. If you are okay then locate an eyewitness and document their statement. A written record of the important details of the accident by a witness is important. It is important to document their statement before they forget the details and it also prevents them from changing the story later on.

Insurance Information

After your truck accident, you might look to your insurance company for the recovery. It is important to keep any correspondence you receive from the company. You should also need documents about your insurance provider.

Medical Bills

It is important to seek medical attention after a truck accident and keep all the medical bills. Medical bills will help you to figure out the compensation amount that you deserve. Also, save the records of any extra costs that arise due to your injuries like hiring a driver.

Work Information

If you are seriously injured in a truck accident, you won’t be able to work. It will result in lost wages. You can claim compensation for lost wages and lost earning capacity by providing pay stubs, bonus reports, W-2 information and other documents that show your pay.

These documentations will help your truck crash attorney to build a stronger case. If you have all the proper documents, you will have a strong case and you will be able to receive a fair compensation amount you deserve.

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