How Can Truck Underride Guards Help During Truck Accidents?

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Truck underride guards are metal bars arranged in a U shape, at the back of a truck or a trailer, intended to prevent the vehicles from sliding under the truck or trailer, in case a crash happens. This happens usually when a vehicle is following the truck or the trailer very closely and the truck driver slams break suddenly. In this occasion, there is high chance for the vehicle behind the truck to collide and get under the truck. This can increase the fatality of the crash.

It is mandatory under the federal law for the tractor-trailers to have the underride guards. These underride guards should also meet the safety standards as specified by the law. The fatality of the crashes can be reduced largely with the use of truck underride guards. However, as said by the federal government, the proper report of the effect of the underride guards on the accident is usually not considered seriously.

It has been recommended lately by the U.S Government Accountability Office to include the underride information in the federal crash report. It has also recommended to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to keep a regular check on the trucks so as to make sure that they have the underride guards which are according to the stipulations of the law.

In the month of June, there will be the nationwide inspection of the truck underride guards. It is the time when the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which is a union of truck safety officials and the law enforcement officials, will hold their annual International Roadcheck event. The inspectors under inspection duty will check if the trailers have the underride guards and if it is working properly and efficiently. 

The trucking industry is mostly against the laws concerning the use of these underride guards. They have disregarded many laws which were introduced by the Congress aiming at the better strength and safety of the underride guards. There is the modern form of underride guards, which will cover even the sides of the trailer. This will reduce the fatality of the crash if any vehicle collides with the trailer on the sides. There are also the lighter versions of these underride guards which are intended to protect the pedestrians or the bicyclists who are hit by the trailer.

The testing of the underride guards conducted has proved that it is very effective in reducing the fatality of the accidents involving the tractor-trailers.

If you or your loved one was hurt in a truck or trailer accident, it is better for you to seek the help of a truck accident attorney who can guide you in the case.

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