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How Truck Collision Differ From Car Accidents

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Traffic Accident Lawyer
Traffic Accident Lawyer

Have you ever been part of a truck accident and car crash? If yes, you might realize that both are quite different. The former tends to cause even worse injuries as compared to a car crash. There are also many other differences between both forms of accidents.

A skilled traffic accident lawyer will know that both collision claims require two different approaches. For instance, the former requires the lawyer to know trucking sector trends and state and federal trucking laws. These factors are likely to give an idea about how and why a truck crash happened. These might also cause it trickier to get back compensation for the consequent damages. Keep reading to know more about how both crashes differ.

The Parties Involved

In the case of a commercial truck collision, a third-party like a trucking entity is likely to be involved in the matter. In this case, there would be an extremely aggressive insurance carrier and the experienced trucking attorney team of that insurer.

Highly trained attorneys may represent the at-fault trucking company, with an eye on not paying out big settlement amounts. It is among the main reasons why the injured party must have a lawyer on their side.

If you suffer injuries from the crash, hiring an attorney would mean you and the other parties having the same possibility of succeeding. These multiple parties are not involved in car collision cases, which may tempt you to choose the option of fighting the matter without legal assistance.

Tackling Different Reasons

It is straightforward and easy to settle disputes related to trucking collisions, mainly due to the added likely reasons for the crash. The reason for a standard vehicular accident is generally human error, like distracted driving and driving under the influence.

Conversely, truck accidents result in a bigger responsibility for the vehicle operator, but some of the liability may lie with another party. The driver may only be indirectly responsible for it, and it is likely to implicate their trucking employer. Albeit they are directly at fault, their employer might be responsible for failing to ensure a duty of care. For instance, recruiting a driver with a history of accidents due to DUI and other causal factors may make the company liable for it.

In usual car accidents, the lone third-party involved may be the other driver’s insurance carrier. This also means the reason for the accident is possibly fairly straightforward.

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