Is Semi-Truck Accident Considered Differently from Other Motor Accidents?

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Semi-truck accidents can cause some serious damages when compared to other motor vehicle accidents, like a car accident or motorcycle accident. Hence, they are considered differently. The huge size of the semi-truck and the cargo it carries can make the impact of the accident more dangerous. The large size and heavy weight of a semi-truck will make it difficult to halt this vehicle suddenly. When a longer time to stop is combined with high speed, it can result in deadly disasters. This makes semi-truck accidents more serious than other accidents.

Regulations on Commercial Trucking

A truck driver should exhibit more duty of care than other drivers on the road. There are many safety regulations implied by the government for making commercial trucking safe. The trucking companies and truck drivers have the responsibility to abide by these laws.

A trucking company will have to conduct a background check when hiring an employee, they are also responsible to evaluate the existing employees periodically and to regulate the duty hours strictly. If a trucking company fails to follow these implications they can be also held responsible for a semi-truck accident, in addition to suing the driver. Other parties that can be held liable for a semi-truck accident are cargo loading company and truck part manufacturers. Such an accident can involve more than one liable parties, this is another factor which makes semi-truck accidents different from other accidents.

Determining the liability in a semi-truck accident is a complex procedure because of the large number of parties involved in it. Hence, it is better to consult a semi truck accident attorney for finding out which all parties can be held liable for a semi-truck accident if you or your loved ones get involved in one. A truck crash lawyer will inspect the evidence and will conduct a thorough investigation for finding out the causes of a semi-truck accident for suing the right party who is responsible for the accident.

Types of Semi-Truck Accidents

The main reasons for semi-truck accidents are driver negligence, malfunctioning of truck parts, improper maintenance, unsafe cargo loading etc. Their sheer size and weight can cause devastating effects.

Semi-truck accidents can be classified into different types. A few of them are Rear-end collisions, Head-on collisions, No-Zone accidents, Rollover accidents, Side-impact collisions etc. All these accidents can cause severe damages and injuries for the people involved in it. Hence, it is important to give more seriousness for semi-truck accidents than other accidents because of its devastating results.

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