Tractor Trailer Accident

Things To Do Immediately After A Truck Accident

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Tractor Trailer Accident
Tractor Trailer Accident

The United States of America is a country with the second largest roadways and the studies have reported that there are about 30 million vehicles on the roads in US. California is one of the states in the USA that is making a considerable contribution to these reports. Since it is sharing borders with the Pacific Ocean and also with two neighboring countries, it is a major center of international trade.

The increase in the number of international trade has increased the number of trucks on the roads of California. It is not only making heavy traffic jams but also an increase in the number of truck accidents. Since the roads of California are accident prone, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge about the state accident laws. The following are some things that must be done by a person if he or she is met with an accident, to claim the damages.

Contribute to the Immediate Inquiry

If a person is met with an accident, he or she will be given all the necessary first aids and they will be attended by medical practitioners on the scene. When the situation is stabilized they will have to provide the details such as their name, details of the vehicles, and also the details of their driving license to the investigating officers on the scene. They can also collect information about the truck from witnesses. If the injuries are serious, contribution by the person who met with the accident to the immediate inquiry is not necessary.

Follow up on Accident Report

It is the duty of the investigating officers who were at the scene to report the accident to the law enforcement agencies. It is better to enquire about the whereabouts of the report because it is necessary for further proceedings to claim damages. It is also better to procure the necessary information from the report file to add strength to the lawsuit.

If a person has complied with the above mentioned procedures, then he or she can sue the truck driver and also the logistics company for both the personal and for the property damages caused due to the accident. They must make sure to file the case within 2 years for personal injury and within 3 years for the damages caused on the vehicle. It is always better to employ a law firm to file the case and to make further proceedings because perfect knowledge of the law is out of scope for most of the individuals.

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