What You Need to Know about Oversized Truck Accident

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Truck Accident

Trucks that carry too big loads present a considerable risk to other automobile drivers on the road and that’s why California has strict regulations on loads. Considering the truck load and size, a crash with it can cause disastrous injuries to people. In the event you have been hurt in a too big or overweight truck accident, a personal injury attorney will be able to help you get back considerable compensation.

What Does Overweight Truck or Oversized Truck Mean?

If a truck’s load, height, width and weight go beyond the maximum limits, it is considered overweight or oversized. If these do not exceed the limits, no special permit is required to operate the vehicle, but if they do, you must get the permit for that. In spite of these requirements, some trucking businesses tend to carry oversized cargo and break the law.

Oversized Truck Collisions

The increased size and load makes maneuvering and controlling this vehicle trickier than a standard commercial rig. Besides, it has a longer stopping distance than a completely loaded large truck. Trucks with more height than what is legally allowed cannot travel below some bridges. That is because if the trucks do so, these could hit an underpass and be wedged under it, possibly causing that bridge to face issues. All of the said things contribute to some accidents, including the ones mentioned below.

  1. Rollover: This kind of accident can happen if the cargo is not loaded properly or its weight exceeds the limit. It can also happen when the driver loses control of the auto and they drive it on to the roadside soft soil.
  2. Blowout: The extra weight on the tires makes it likelier for a blowout to occur, especially if these parts are improperly examined before transport or not in fine condition. This accident makes controlling the vehicle trickier for the driver, which can cause accidents with passenger autos.
  3. Jackknifing: Too much weight makes this accident likelier to happen. A jackknife truck accident can take place when the driver slams upon the brakes, when they are distracted or when there is a sudden stop in traffic.

Which Party Is Responsible For a Crash Involving an Oversized Truck?

The trucking business and the trucker can be said responsible for this accident which injures those in other autos. These businesses are obliged to confirm that their trucks are maintained the right way, and truckers must examine their fleets before transport. The one who is tasked with loading the vehicle can be at fault for a collision that stems from the improper execution of their duty.

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