Handling Truck Accidents in California

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Truck Accident Law
Truck Accidents In California

California has the second highest number of road miles and the most number of registered vehicles in the country. What’s more being very close to the Pacific Ocean and to two neighboring countries makes California an important gateway for international trade. This adds numerous trucks to the roads of California every day.

The presence of thousands of trucks and the large-scale movement of goods can lead to many accidents and hazards on the road as well. Unlike the regular passenger vehicle crashes, accidents involving heavy trucks can be really disastrous, as many of these trucks transport gasoline and other inflammable products for industrial uses. Therefore, it is important to have an idea on what to do if you meet with a truck accident in California.

Immediate Actions to Be Taken on the Scene

The law in California reflects on the instincts of many vehicle drivers after an accident, which is to help the injured party. The state law requires offering reasonable assistance to people injured in the accident, which includes helping them to get the necessary medical assistance and waiting until the law enforcement personnel arrive at the scene. The California law needs drivers to provide details like:

  • Their name and address
  • The name and address of the occupants of the vehicle or the vehicle owner (if it is different from the driver)
  • The details of vehicle registration and insurance
  • Driver’s license if necessary

Reporting the Truck Accident and Preserving Evidence

The California truck accident law needs drivers to report accidents to the law enforcement immediately, especially when it has led to any physical injury. As most of these accidents involve injuries to persons and property damage, it will be better to call the police at the spot, so that the law enforcement officer can file a report of the accident accordingly.

Note that the state law of California holds drivers liable for all the damages caused to bridges or roads due to the accident. A report of the accident is essential to help establish the liability of the truck drivers or the employers of the truck company. The victim in a truck accident can also seek compensation from the truck company if they failed to follow the regulations regarding commercial trucking or if the company was negligent in hiring the truck driver. In any case, consulting with a truck crash lawyer will help with the proceedings.

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