Key Differences Between 18 Wheeler and Other Automobile Accident Cases

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There are a number of differences when it comes to 18 wheeler accidents and other automobile accidents, all of which are important considerations for an 18 wheeler accident lawyer who handles a commercial motor vehicle collision case. Countless number of automobile accidents occurs every year in Los Angeles. 18 wheeler and large commercial vehicle accident cases are entirely different from the usual car crashes. The ways in which these types of cases are handled are also very different. The kinds of impacts that are involved in such accidents are the obvious differences between both the kinds.

There are strict Federal rules and regulations that affects trucking companies and drivers, because of the potential for a disastrous damage if one gets in a wreck. These rules includes information about how much time the drivers are allowed to spend on roads before they take breaks in between, what they are allowed to carry and what they can consume. The important difference is that this applies only to commercial motor vehicles.

Large trucks often have GPS tracking devices that can be helpful for a truck wreck lawyer while investigating and proving a case. They also may have black boxes, which are recording devices and is triggered by certain events to start recording data about the truck while it is moving.  Factors such as a sudden change in velocity or slamming of the brakes can trigger black box in the vehicle to start recording the events such as the RPMs, timing of application of breaks and shifting the gear and speed of the vehicle. GPS devices can give information regarding the speed at a given time of the truck or location of the given moment. It is possible to narrow down the location points by the towers; the GPS device pings after sending information back to the trucking company. This type of information is very crucial in order to reconstruct the accident.

There are strict requirements on inspecting and documenting the vehicles, which are placed by the Federal Motor Carrier laws. Documents of the truck before and after the trip must be retained for a certain period, in order to show the condition of the truck. Repair orders must be maintained in order to show that the truck is up to standard. The Federal law sets a specific period in which the records must be maintained. Therefore, it is important to contact an 18 wheeler accident lawyer at the earliest if you ever get involved in such an accident.

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