Truck Accident In California

What To Do After You Meet With A Truck Accident In California?

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Truck Accident In California
Truck Accident In California

California is known for some of its dangerous roads, where fatal accidents happen in fairly large numbers every year. Highway 99 that runs through California’s Central Valley is an example. According to a 2017 report by the Federal Carrier Safety Administration, there were 361 fatalities in truck accidents in that year out of which 87 crashes involved trucks alone while 233 crashes involved other vehicles as well.

Finding Out Who Is At Fault In California Truck Accident

Finding out who was at fault in a truck accident is not easy unlike in the case of a car accident. Car accidents mostly involve the two drivers (if it wasn’t a multiple-car accident), driver’s insurers, and the injured passengers. However, things are not straightforward in a truck accident.

Three categories of truck drivers are:

  • Owners Or Operators: They either drive their own trucks or operate as independent contractors or lease their trucks to trucking companies.
  • Company Drivers: They drive trucks owned by trucking companies.
  • Independent Owner-Operators: They use their own trucks to haul the goods they produce. They themselves drive the truck.

Accidents caused by the defects in the parts of the truck puts the company that manufactured the parts at fault. In some cases, the accident may result from incorrect loading of the cargo or poor vehicle maintenance. The liability, in this case, falls on the trucking company.

Finding out the liability is not as easy as you think it will be. This is the reason why it is recommended that you should consult a truck accident lawyer who can guide you in the legal procedures that follow.

How To Deal With Insurance Companies After A Truck Accident?

As several parties could be held liable for a truck accident, numerous insurance companies will be involved. Large trucking will have an expert team of lawyers and big insurance companies, indicating that your insurance company may not be able to handle the truck accident claim. The insurer of the trucking company may even try to turn the liability back on you. Considering all these possibilities, we recommend you to hire a truck accident lawyer to help you get the insurance claim at the earliest.

Find out a truck accident lawyer who has an impressive record to get the justice and compensation that you deserve after facing a truck accident.

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