The Effect of Big Rig Fatalities upon California Law

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The Highway Loss Data Institute says that just about ten percent of fatal automobile accidents on the highways of California involve big trucks. This is not surprising at all, considering the fact that a large rig requires more time to stop as well as has plenty of “no zone” or blind spots to its sides and rear. Besides, even the best commercial truck drivers are actually at the mercy of others and those tasked with loading their cargo as well as inspecting vital elements of the truck such as its horn, lights, and breaks.

Most serious accidents that involve tractor-trailer and other large rigs arise from the same factors. The common ones comprise driver fatigue, speeding as well as other reckless moves, DUI (driving under the influence), stopping at railroad crossing, parking upon the shoulder, and making improper turns.

The greater risk a large truck poses to the common public has influenced the state law as well. The regulations in place in California exceed the national law with regard to such issues concerning the number of breaks a truck driver has to take while they are on duty. However, there is tension amid national lawmakers, wanting to relax standards such as these in the interests of better corporate flexibility, and the state leaders, who do not wish the national regulations to be more important than their own safety-oriented laws.

All this debate eventually adds up to very complex legal issues when an accident takes place. Alongside the multiple defendant parties involved when large rigs are caught up in an accident, the question of whether or not the driver of the truck was adhering to the prevailing regulations can actually be quite murky.

Complex Cases Necessitate Skilled and Experienced Lawyers

If you or your family member is seeking to get compensation for the damages following a commercial truck accident in California, it is essential that you consult with an experienced vehicle accident lawyer. Accidents that involve commercial automobiles can be particularly complex given all the possible parties who may be held liable.

Besides, the statute of limitations in California also sets a deadline by which you have to file the claim. If you are filing a personal injury claim, you have to do it within twenty-four months from the date of the injury. However, a property damage claim has to be filed inside thirty-six months from the damage date. Note that laws are subject to change, so consulting with a truck accident law firm to verify the same is always a wiser decision.

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