What is an Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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The Uninsured Motorist Coverage is confusing in most US states, including California. Attorneys say that this is a complicated area of law, so consulting with a vehicle accident lawyer would be the best course of action to understand the following in detail.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: General Principles

The Uninsured Motorist Coverage law is based upon the statute, Insurance Code sections 11580.2 to 11580.5. Each driver in the state should carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage by an insurance firm. It is recommended that you buy it, since its purpose is significant. It is to compensate a driver who is injured while liability insurance is not there to cover his or her injuries. A typical example is when a car hits you, but the driver does not have car insurance.

Be aware, though, that the Uninsured Motorist Coverage does not apply except if it is an “uninsured driver” who injured you. It has a definition of its own. In most cases, it purely means someone who does not have insurance. Generally, named insured people are covered under it. Yet sometimes, other people, such as passengers, may also be covered depending upon the auto policy’s language.

Understand that there has to be physical contact between the uninsured driver’s car and you. In addition, keep this in mind: do not settle a claim with somebody responsible for the car accident without consulting a vehicle accident lawyer and getting permission from your insurer first. If you do, then your insurance firm may deny your Uninsured Motorist Coverage without any consideration at all.

Pay to Sue the Involved Insurance Company

People are occasionally hesitant to bring an Uninsured Motorist Coverage claim since they do not wish to sue their insurance firm. However, it is recommended that you pay insurance premiums so that you can sue it if you are hit by an uninsured car driver; otherwise, you cannot recover in an accident involving a car. All of the insurance companies in the country realize this.

If you are concerned that the company will raise your insurance premiums in the case you make an Uninsured Motorist Coverage, do not be bothered by that; it is against the law for insurance companies to increase your premiums if you were not at fault. That is according to the California Insurance Code Section 491, which forbids insurance companies from doing that.

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